By Eugene Dube

Swati Newsweek, 12,October 2020

LOBAMBA – A new Parliament report exposed how the late Prime minister Barnabas Dlamini manipulated many Eswatini Broadcasting and Information Services EBIS/SBIS journalists to have sex with him during international trips.

The MPs had been asked by Parliament to investigate corruption at SBIS.

The Parliament Committee is led by MP Musa Kunene.

Gcinangaye Tsabedze, Eswatini Radio Station EBIS Deputy Director Gcinangaye Tsabedze had been fingerd as a major source of corruption.

According to the report, Barnabas Dlamini told certain people that Tsabedze was the one arranging women for him for sex

Dlamini then nicknamed Gcinangaye Tsabedze while he aslo nicknamed Thandiswa Ginindza his ex girlfriend Gabhalami. paid women for sex from the Swazi taxpayers monies.

Each Eswatini Broadcasting and Information Services journalist would get from E100 000 to E200 000 after spending nights in Dlamini’s hotel room during international trip.”

They would then share the money with their deputy director Gcinangaye Tsabedze who had organised the women to have sex with Barnabas during the trips.

The MPs reported, “The Deputy Director is so power hungry that she even refuses to have any dealing with the Ministry’s Principal Secretary (PS) she only wants to deal with the current PM. The former PM used to say that he has his own “imphaka” at EBIS who kept him abreast of events there and also organised some young women from the station and elsewhere for sexual favours for the PM on his trips. Therefore clearly the Deputy Director is in that position serving her own personal interests in the position she occupies and not those of the station. The best thing to do for the station to recover and move forward is to remove both the Director and the Deputy Director. If one is left behind, the clique that does not have a leader anymore will suffer.

The MPs narrated, “Another new development was that of teams or schisms that were cropping up EBIS; one of these teams had Thandiswa Ginindza, Senzo Malaza and Maveni Gwebu while the other team was everyone else who was categorized as ineffective in their duties by the Deputy Director. The Deputy Director, Ms. Gcinangaye Tsabedze was the one responsible for splitting the staff into these teams and was vocal in saying that the other faction which had the rest of the newsroom staff in it was substandard. This was clearer when international trips were assigned where the preferred team with Thandiswa in it seemed to almost always get all the international assignments. Some of the staff have never been on an international assignment and this is causing a lot of discontent at EBIS. The A-team as it got to be known was the one that went on all the international trips whenever the then Prime Minister (PM), Mr. Barnabas Dlamini, travelled. The person to be blamed for all this confusion was the Deputy Director and also the love affair that was ongoing between a staffer, Ms. Thandiswa Ginindza and the erstwhile PM, Mr. Barnabas Dlamini proved to be an issue in that she was offered all the trips that the PM was on, to the disadvantage of the rest of the staff at EBIS. She was doing all this in conjunction with the Deputy Director who had her own personal close relationship with the PM herself. At one point the same Thandiswa had preferential treatment in that after her in-service training she was expected back on duty. However she was actually not at work but was still involved in her studies while officially she should have been at her duty station. This was done with impunity and with the full knowledge of the Directorate who did nothing to put this situation to rights.”

The Swati Newsweek Online broke this sex scandal story on Barnabas and Thandiswa Ginindza a week ago.

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