By Mthobisi Ntjangase

NHLANGANO -The new Economic Freedom Fighters of Swaziland says that they are ready to take on the Absolute Monarch of Swaziland King Mswati III.

EFF Swaziland President Ncamiso Ngcamphalala (28) said people’s lives must come first.

“We want government to change people’s lives, the  Swazi Monarchy must know its place. We respect the King, but respect is earned and when pushed into a corner; we will be forced to retaliate. We unapologetically stand for multi-party democracy.”, articulated the EFF of Swaziland President.

He also cited how the Monarchy was overthrown in Libya by the late Muammar Al-Gaddafi, citing that they may use similar strategies.

They further articulated that the name ‘Swaziland’ is significant as it means the land of the Swazis, whilst they don’t understand what Eswatini stands for.

The party is part of the EFF Africa Council as commissioned by the EFF Commander In Chief’s statement on having branches of the EFF all over Africa. It is worth noting that EFF leader Julius Malema mentioned that the Monarchy will fall during his party’s national people’s assembly last December, as reported by investigative Journalist Eugene Dube.

Ngcamphalala says that they communicate with their South African counterparts on the issue of Swazi political question.

“The party was inspired by the socio-economic situation of the people of Eswatini as well as the statement of the EFF’s Commander In Chief. We communicate daily with our South African counterparts, but we still maintain our independence as a Movement”, narrated the interim President over a telephonic interview.

The party currently has an interim executive (popularly known as the top six) as well as 35 additional members. According to the youthful President, the strategic objective of the EFF Africa Council is to collapse colonial borders and have a United Africa, with one President. Locally, their core mandate is to improve the socio-economic lives of EmaSwati and advocate for the rights of the marginalised.

When quizzed on the expertise of the members on issues of social interest and the political landscape of the country, Ngcamphalala, the President, elucidated; “Our members come from various occupational backgrounds. Some are former leaders of various Students’ Representative Councils (SRC) in the country’s tertiary institutions. Some are current members of SRCs, others from SNAT and other workers’ associations in the Swaziland. We even have law students, members from other political parties and we have already drafted our constitution. What is left is for us to be formally launched to the masses, which we are prepared to serve.”

“What sets us apart from the other parties is our manner of approach. We believe in a table of dialogue through mobilizing people from the streets at grassroots level. We are ready to fight for the rights of workers, students and the unemployed as we are a militant, anti-capitalist and anti-dictatorship movement. We are an all-inclusive movement, and we will use the constitution where it serves justice but challenge it when it does not serve the people.

“As a party, we don’t believe in boycotting elections but we will contest in them to fill the empty space in our legislative system as nature doesn’t allow a vacuum. Our branches are rooted in chiefdoms not Tinkhundla. We want members of the EFF to go to parliament as soon as possible as our core mandate is democratize Swaziland. Even before going to parliament we will stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters facing injustices under the oppressive Tinkhundla regime and its allies. The first injustice we will attend to is the one of the suspended SANU students. We are ready to put our lives on the firing line for the liberation of our people”, He further vocalised.

  Ngcamphalala said that they are in politics to work .


“Although the party is not yet formally launched, it has already created social media handles where they can reach the masses. “It should be noted that we don’t create political parties just for fun. It is about serving the people. In our draft constitution, we have not included the Monarch because we want power to return to the people through the government they elect themselves, and the Royal family must not form part of government. We want government, not rulers because it is only government that can change people’s lives, not rulers”, he carried on

The party stressed that they hope to influence and challenge the constitution to allow for multi-party democracy in the Kingdom so that no single men is above the law. “We unapologetically want to ensure that no is above the law and further hand-over power to the people without the existence of the capitalist driven and oppressive Tinkhundla government”, concluded the President.

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